2012 down...hello 2013

Is it just me or does the beginning of a new year really give you time to reflect?

It might be the collages that get me thinking to myself I wish I'd made more... or I wish I'd spent some time learning something new... or even I wish I'd made a few more tutorials. 

I did get around to making my first hand embroidered panel and paper pieced cushion. I'd really love to do more paper piecing this year. Some really fancy stuff! ;)

I know I've got my work cut out for me this year... so much on my to make list!!

and even a few tops and blocks that are rolling over from last year.

Not sure what it is but looking back really brings home the end of another year and no matter how much we fight it, time keeps moving on. I guess there is a little bitter sweet tone in my writing. 
This year sees my M starting 2 days in preschool, which I know she and I will enjoy but I guess its just a reminder that I've got her home with me only for another year then off to primary school. 
2012 was not so kind to our little family. We had some heart breaks and some tough times but 2013 is looking very busy already! We are expecting the arrival of our second bub in the first week of July which will see this little blog covered in baby makes!! 
Sorry in advance for my disappearing act... most likely it will not be getting better. In all honesty my family comes first so I will be taking care of our young family before this little blog. I want to enjoy every moment of my kiddos before they become irrational, stubborn teenagers. (Just going by what I was like)
The Etsy and Craftumi store will be empty although please feel free to email me if you are after anything. 

Thank you for sticking with me in 2012. I hope my irregular posts don't keep you away. I do love your comments and visits they mean so much to me!!! xxx


  1. You have made so many beautiful things! And congratulations on your pregnancy. So exciting to await a new baby! I feel exactly the same way about enjoying our families now while we can. Blogging can wait!

  2. Everything you've made is so beautiful. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm looking forward to seeing the pretty things you make.

  3. Congratulations Lydia!!! Such wonderful news! I think lately much of the quilty blogging world has split into 2 groups - those who blog nearly daily and the rest of us who are becoming more and more I'll blog when I feel like it. As long as we get to create and have some crafty therapeutic time we are enjoying ourselves! Happy 2013 - I hope it's a healthy and happy one for your family mx


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