WIP... Finally!

Ok... so I only just skimmed in a January post, by the skin of my teeth.
And it's no surprise this is the first project I've actually started this year... if you follow me on Instagram you'd know that today was the first time this month, this year, I've even switched my machine on. I must have burnt out pretty bad to be in withdraw for this long!

But there is no better excuse for blowing the dust off the machine than the arrival of a friends bubba!!
So I got cracking on the little mans quilt top.

I sourced an old Moda fabric line that I used for the quilt I made for her first baby boy. I knew they had matching cots so I wanted to use the same fabrics but in a different pattern. 

Matching but not too matchy matchy... if that makes sense?

Hopefully I can finish it up this week and send it interstate so they can enjoy it asap!
And on the home front, I've been trying my hand at some crochet. First granny squares ever!

I am rather pleased with myself considering I hated knitting. I'm trying to finish a blanket I started knitting for M when I was 3 months pregnant with her just so I can say I knitted something. She is now four... 

Crochet just seems so much easier. I sat with my iPad on YouTube, my wool and hook, and a piece of paper slowly learning and writing down my cheat sheet. Lots of rewinding and LOTS of pausing  but I got the hang of it now and I only need to glance over to my notes to remember the counts. (is that even what they call it? :s)

I'm going with a neutral grey and yellow colour combo for our winter bub. Just a little bassinette blanket about the size of a pillow case, don't want to bite of more than I can chew. We are finding out whether we're having a boy or girl next week but my hands were getting antsy! I'm so nervous and a little anxious about seeing our little bubba. Positive thoughts my way please?


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  1. The zigzag looks great - I love the contrast with the stark white and the sharp lines.

    I love the colour choices on your granny squares, which do not look like anyone's first grannies…!

    Positive thoughts your way. :-)


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