Knitting or Crochet?

I have noticed that there is a couple of things that seem to go hand in hand within the quilting community.
Other than quilting, it's knitting. 
And that image above is the only knitting I've ever done. That is the blanket I mentioned  in my last post, you know the one I started for my M when I was 3 months pregnant with her. Yup there were moments I was considering using the knitting needle to create a new hole in my head! It could come in useful to let the steam out the next time I start a knitting project. :p

But not too far from the knitting world is crochet, and for some reason I found it soooo much easier. Firstly having one "needle" made it so much simpler to get my head around, and secondly I found the patterns so much easier to understand. Don't get me wrong, YouTube was still my bff but I picked it up a lot faster then knitting. 

And to show for it I have my first ever granny square blanket. Broke my previous record of 4 1/2 years, I finished this one up in 2-3 weeks. Not bad at all.  

I stuck with neutral greys and yellow with lots of white. It's a lot lighter in weight than the knitted blanket but still so cuddly and warm. Between the two I'm set for any type of winter night that comes my way!!

Do you have a preference? Knitting or crochet?
I couldn't stop my self when I got the hang of it, I had to make more. So I got started on a neutral beanie for our little peanut and a super girly one for M. But I'll share that with you another time.



  1. The blanket turned out beautifully!

    I learned how to crochet when I was about 9 or so, and didn't take up knitting until I was almost 20. I still do both but I think I prefer knitting. Crochet has its uses, and I enjoy it, but for things I wear (which is what I make most of the time) I prefer the finer texture of knitting, even though it seems slower.

  2. Love both your blankets but I prefer to crochet than knit as I find it much quicker and as you say easier to read patterns for :) Barb.

  3. Hello!
    Love your crocheting and did you say 2-3 weeks! Faster than the speed of light! Hehehe!
    I have been working on my first afghan since last November-ish! I am on my edging and switching up the pattern so we shall see... i too am a new crochet lover. Perhaps you have convinced me that a beanie is next!

    With Kindness,


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