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I did It. Almost as soon as I finished... well actually before I finished the granny square blanket ... I made a little beanie, and I loved it. Wow there is something so simple in making a beanie. 

The newborn size came together in a couple of hours. The pattern was free from here, and I'd recommend it to any beginner! The ears were a little fiddly (keeping in mind I'm a beginner crocheter) and I attached one a bit crooked but hubby assured me it wasn't that bad. I had to fix it anyway.

Oh but M's beanie, that was so much fun to put together!! I used a simple kids beanie pattern I Googled and then just kept going till I liked the size on her. 

I finished of the edge with a scalloped edge which I... yup you guessed it Googled. Google really is my friend when it comes to learning new crafts!! ;)

Did you know if you search "Crochet Flower" you will be completely over taken with free patterns. I used 2 different flowers and a leaf pattern to put these together

Here is my M modeling it. She was so excited watching me make it. 

I can't believe the size difference! Where does the time go?


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  1. I was actually wondering if you still had the patterns for the flowers that you used on your daughters beanie cause they look so pretty.


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