Another one.

Although my blogging has been very slow, my sewing machine has been working full time!
Lots of sewing for our lil man and a few quilt orders on the go as well.

This quilt was requested from a photo of this quilt I made for my niece.
Same pattern just in pinks and purples.

And for a little contrast I used a pale blue for the back. I think it helps the quilt from being to sweet. Besides, I do love a surprise pop of colour on the back. 

It was a fun project with a little embroidery thrown in for that finishing touch!
How adorable is her name.  

I promise I'll be back to share more of my makes soon. We're at 26 weeks and I feel like a beached whale. I've been told I'm not that big, but you know how it is when your preggers. And you know I would never exaggerate these things. ;P


  1. Me encanta! !!!!!! Es precioso, la combinaciĆ³n de colores es perfecta.

  2. It is gorgeous! Again, I love your cloud choices.

  3. Oh so beautiful, I just love the color scheme!

  4. Beautiful, indeed! Congratulations on the new little kiddo....hope he arrives right on time (or a tad early).


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