The Weekender.

Well I did it. 
I made a weekender bag. I've had the pattern for almost a year now and one morning something just clicked in my head and I was determined to make it. I guess the prospect of packing my hospital bag and the impending arrival of our little guy must have given me the push shove that I needed.

I was going into it with a very open mind, I have to admit. With all the reviews and advice that has come with all the other Weekenders in blogland I was expecting a horror of a bag to make. But I was pleasantly surprised!!! It was actually quite simple. I think if you've made clothes before, this pattern is easy to understand. 

I did do a couple of things a little differently. I added zippers to the two large pockets, I added a phone pocket on the inside and I left the cording off when constructing the bag. In honesty I got half way through sewing the bag together before I realised I forgot the cording. Meh it looks just as good to me... and it was less fiddly. 

And for a little fun I made up a couple of improve herringbone panels for the large pockets.

A few studs on the bottom,

and a few surprise pops of pattern,

and she's all done! So this is my contribution to the Weekender bag pool. It is a great bag, a lot bigger than I thought. perfect for a weekend away... or hospital stay. ;)


  1. It's gorgeous! Good work. And congrats. ;-)

  2. Beautiful Bag. I am thinking about making a second :o) Just need to settle on fabric choices. hugs

  3. It looks wonderful! Very functional too.

  4. It is absolutely GORGEOUS Lydia!! Well done you!

  5. Congratulations - you have done a fine job of the weekender! I hope you get to use it for a weekend away sometime too!

  6. looks great! making one is on my list of things to do as well! =)


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