Straight of the bat I'd like to clarify... No I'm not having twins.
Rather I'm talking about the latest order to leave my hot little hands.
Ahhh red and cream, what a classic combo!
And I cannot I repeat CANNOT make a red quilt with out polka dots. It's a sickness I tell you!!

I ordered a the fabrics from Pink Castle Fabrics and although I didn't order enough in the first batch after another order of the cotton couture cream, the quilt top was done.

And as requested by the mum to be, the girls names where embroidered on.

Just a simple pattern and simple fabrics were used but I had to give it a pop of red with a solid backing!

I think these would look adorable in their matching cots. As I mentioned red and cream is a classic combo... can't really go wrong with that!

Oh and just to prove I'm growing a person... this is about all I can see of my feet lately. Well maybe I cheated and stuck my bottom out a little. ;)


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  1. I love your twin quilts!!! I made a set for some twin girls a few months ago too. You are so right, you can never go wrong with red and white, such an awesome combination!


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