Finished at last!!!

Remember these? I've slowly been finishing them off.

And here it is...

I've made it different to the quilt along. I wanted it to be more vibrant and playful. 
I've also added Yoshi. It's just not Mario without Yoshi!!! The layout was changed a little to fit him in, so I added a couple of coins to fill in the blanks. I'm sooooo happy with how this baby turned out.
Due to it's sheer size I decided to quilt each character separately and then put the blocks together, quilt as you go style. This meant I could quilt lines 1 inch apart with easy. I wanted to quilt it a bit more densely than I normally would because of all the extra seams. It's a big fellow at 59" (150cm) x 75" (190cm). 
Big enough for my tall hubby to enjoy with a little extra space for M and me to cuddle under too! 


  1. Oh my! This is such an awesome quilt! I love it so much!

  2. Wonderful quilt! My son just loves it.

  3. Is there a pattern available for this quilt? My husband would LOVE it.

    1. I used the pattern from the Mario quilt along over at The yoshi and coins I made up myself. Enjoy making the quilt, its very rewarding! :)


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