A Mini for Miss M

Well what can I say... I was distracted. I needed a quick fix. I wanted to start and finish a project in one day and oh boy did this take the edge off. 
I was inspired by a quilt I spotted on Pinterest... naturally.

I wasn't sure what colours I was going to use and I hadn't planned the rainbow layout but I was 100% sure about the quilting. I knew this was the quilting I wanted to do, natural 1/4" echo, and the design for the quilt went from there. Although I wouldn't attempt this kind of dense quilting on a larger quilt, I really enjoyed doing it on this Mini. It all came together pretty fast and I cant be happier with the results. M is just dying to play with it. I think for now I've convinced her to leave it on the wall. 


p.s. Apologies for the lack of and quality of the photos. My big camera is in need of some repair so these pics are from Instagram. Hopefully I'll have better pics for you in my next post.

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