Quilt top WIP

Well I'm just shocked at how long it has been since I've posted. I've been so caught up with life and enjoying my "maternity leave". I'll try and be a little better now... no really I'll try. 
My Miss M has started kindergarten and my Mr M is almost crawling. He's found his own way of getting around the house with out having to use any lower body strength. I really don't want him to crawl but my kids have never liked just sitting still. But among all the family stuff I have been squeeeeezing in a little sewing.

When I caught a glimpse of this fabric collection, Eclectic Elements by Tim Holtz, I had to have some. It's my "grown up adult' quilt. I love it. I'm hoping to baste and quilt it soon... no really I mean it. ;P In the mean time it's been folded over the back of the lounge so I can still enjoy looking at it. 
Oh and I've been sprucing up my little blog. Trying to declutter and refresh in hopes of a renewed enthusiasm for blogging. 
In the meantime, the best place to catch me these days is on Instagram. I'm dreampatchgirl, seems to be the easiest way to connect these days. :)


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  1. Oh, I love the look of your 'adult' quilt! Those little yellow squares are perfect! Don't stress about not blogging or sewing- it's meant to be fun!


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